Main Conference Day 1: 3 March 2020, Tuesday

Registration Starts and Morning Coffee

Arrival of Guest-of-Honour

Welcome Address

Margaret Ma Connolly, President of Asia, Informa Markets

Industry Address: 
Building a Hospitality Brand in a Saturated Market

Nicholas Clayton, Chief Executive Officer, Capella Hotel Group, Singapore

Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour

Launch of FHA-HoReCa

C Suite Think Tank
HoReCa 2030 – The Hottest Trends Impacting Customers, Profitability and Strategic Expansion Decisions

  • Capitalising on high growth and profitable markets
  • Market scan and implications for the competitive environment
  • The changing face of CX
  • Automation investments reshaping service delivery

Nicholas Clayton, Chief Executive Officer, Capella Hotel Group, Singapore

Rainer Stampfer, President, Hotel Operations, APAC, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Singapore
Marc Steinmeyer, President Director, Tauzia Hotel Management, Indonesia 
Andrew Langdon, Senior Vice President of Development, Asia, Accor Hotels, Singapore
Chandan Agarwal, Vice President- Cloud Kitchens, Head Manufacturing, M&A, Partnerships, OYO. India

Morning Networking and Refreshment Break

Hotel Investment and Profitability

CEO Insight: 
GHM’s Regional Expansion and Investment Outlook

  • Regional market outlook and investment opportunities in in China / Asia
  • Asian trends in the move towards Hospitality 4.0
  • Automation and CX

Lian Miewching, Vice President, Technical Service, General Hotel Management Group, Singapore

Accor Hotels: 
Linking CX, Expansion and Profitability   

  • Improving loyalty systems for customers
  • Where is the ROI
  • Expansion strategies in Asia

Andrew Langdon, Senior Vice President of Development, Asia, Accor Hotels, Singapore

Analyst Updates:
Investment & Consolidation Outlook for Hotel, REITS and The Spending Trends in Technology  

Govinda Singh, Executive Director, Colliers International 

Hospitality Thought Leaders Roundtable 
Profitable investments to drive business growth 

  • Strategic tech investment trends
  • Differentiating the physical product
  • Investing in CX
  • Reshaping the F&B offering

Tommy Lai, Chief Executive Officer, General Hotel Management Group, Singapore  
Raymond Tan, Head of Global IT, Frasers Hospitality, Singapore 
Loh Lik Peng, Chief Executive Officer, Unlisted Collection, Singapore 

Asia Pacific Hotel Investment Trends and Outlook

Julien Naouri, Director – Hotels Asia Pacific, Savills, Singapore

Networking Lunch

The ROI of CX through Technology

For speaking opportunities, please contact

Automating Procurement Processes – Why Does it Need to Happen in Hospitality Industry Really Soon?

  • Working with disruption for your advantage
  • Having an absolute insight on smart buyer-seller engagement
  • Automation best practices for the hotels – Procurement, payment and traceability

Senior Representative, Marketboomer 

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Hotel Tech and Hospitality 4.0

Digital Investment in Hotel – Trends, Integration Technologies and Implementation Pitfalls

Raymond Tan, Head – Global IT, Frasers Hospitality

Collaboration Between Hotel and In-house F&B Brands for Expansion

Anurag Bali, Assistant Vice President, Food & Beverage, SEA and Australasia, Shangri-La Group, Hong Kong

Analysing Consumer Data, and Revenue Patterns to Optimise Hotel’s Performance in Digital Age 

Mohamed Rafin, Chief Commercial Officer, Park Hotel Management, Singapore

End of Day One

Restaurant and Food Service Markets

Expanding with Cloud Kitchens and Online F&B Sales  

  • Ghost restaurants and online food delivery- what are the impacts on conventional restaurants
  • Building an online F&B brand
  • Setting up a cloud kitchen
  • Challenges and opportunities for production kitchens in Asia

Chandan Agarwal, Vice President-Cloud Kitchens, Head Manufacturing, M&A, Partnerships, OYO. India

Managing new landscapes in the food services marketplace 

  • Strategies to stay relevant with the evolving dining scene
  • Investment considerations to improve operations
  • Dealing with competition

Nam Q Nguyen, Founder and Managing Director, Annam, Singapore

Case Study Max’s Group Inc. Phils:  

Implemented Cost Efficiency Program in Restaurant Operations

  • Cost control measures
  • Revenue and profitability pressures, and how to beat the markets
  • Revenue and yield management in F&B
  • Pricing strategies
  • Case Studies demonstrating margin improvement and cost efficiency

Robert Pagdanganan, Restaurant Systems and Quality Management Director, Max’s Group, Philippines

F&B Directors Roundtable:

Survival of the Fittest: Driving Growth by Adapting to the Latest F&B Trends

  • Service delivery innovations
  • Overcoming the customer loyalty challenge
  • Hyper competition, and strategies
  • Growing market segments, and how to capitalise
  • Learning from failed ventures

Emmanuel Benardos, General Manager, Food & Beverage, Fairmont Singapore & Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore

Vineet Sharma, Director, Restaurant Excellence Asia Pacific, Yums! Restaurant International, Singapore
Gerhard Lanyi, Director, Franchise Development and Brand Marketing, Brotzeit, Singapore
Anurag Bali, Assistant Vice President, Food & Beverage, SEA and Australasia, Shangri-La Group, Hong Kong

The rise of experiential dining – challenges and opportunities

  • Tapping on the rise of Food Expression
  • Forming an emotional connection with the consumers
  • Localising the dining experience

Christopher Mark, Co-Founder and Culinary Director, Black Sheep Restaurants, Hong Kong

Networking Lunch

Expansion through the Franchising strategy

  • Business case studies of franchising
  • Market assessment
  • Key issues in the franchise launch

Gerhard Lanyi, Director, Franchise Development and Brand Marketing, Brotzeit, Singapore

Luxury Dining ROI and Opportunities 

  • Investment, growth and returns
  • Partnership opportunities to develop this new concept in Vietnam
  • Overseas expansion considerations

Senior Representative, Cardup, Singapore 

F&B Tech and Restaurant 4.0

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Service Excellence through Digitalising Restaurant Operations

Emmanuel Benardos, General Manager, Food & Beverage, Fairmont Singapore & Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore

Following Jollibee’s Expansion and Digitalisation Strategies

  • Regional restaurant expansion strategies
  • Digital touchpoints for improved customer experiences
  • Successful case studies of technology implementation

Rafi Delica, Head of Analytics, Modelling and Operations Research, Jollibee Foods Corporate, Philippines 

Transforming the Restaurant Experience for Diners and Restauranteurs with Technology

  • Data-enriched dining experience for diners
  • Restaurant business analytics for restauranteurs

Arrif Ziaudeen, Chief Executive Officer, The Chope Group, Singapore

End of Day One

Main Conference Day 2: 4 March 2020, Wednesday

Day 2 Opening Plenary Session

The FHA Dialogue: 
Upholding Corporate Responsibility and Driving Value through Food Sustainability   

  • Corporate policies on sustainable food
  • Changing consumer behavior towards demonstrated
  • Sustainable sourcing – Where is the industry moving forward?
  • The commercial impact of sustainable food practices

Ralph Frehner, Vice President, Design Development Operations, F&B Product, Brand Projects, Asia Pacific, Marriott International, Hong Kong
Philipp Blaser, Vice President of Food and Beverage, Asia Pacific, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Singapore
Sebastian Kern, Director of Food & Beverage, Grand Hyatt Singapore, Singapore

End of Plenary Session and morning tea

Central Kitchen Design

Central and Cloud Kitchens

The Future of F&B with Modern Kitchens

  • Key kitchen design showcases
  • Overcoming challenges when digitalising the operational function
  • Innovative strategies to improve F&B workflow

Ralph Frehner, Vice President, Design Development Operations, Marriott International, Hong Kong

Panel Discussion: 
Optimising Design for Central Kitchens

  • Future trends for kitchen design: Areas of focus
  • How to achieve the best operational workflow with the optimal kitchen design plan
  • Challenges and opportunities for technology in the kitchen
  • Automating kitchen functions for improved efficiency: which areas and equipment?

Kong Kok Kiang, Vice President, Singapore Chefs Association, Singapore
Shahnaaz Russell Wong, Executive Chef, M Social, Singapore
Martin Cahill, Executive Chef, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Case Study: Implemented Technology for Improved Kitchen Operations 

  • Streamlining workflows and implementing automation
  • Technology adoption for the kitchens and supply chain management

Alex Liau, Director of Purchasing, The Westin Singapore and President, Hospitality Purchasing Association Singapore

Networking Lunch

Virtual Restaurants and Ghost Kitchens – Trends, Demand and Investment Outlay 

Senior Representative, Deliveroo

Optimising Kitchen Operations

Panel Discussion: 
Equipment, Technology and Kitchen Upgrade 

  • Changing F&B requirements and impacts on kitchen design planning, and equipment
  • Automated kitchen processes for productivity vs ensuring high food quality
  • Cost viability for upgraded kitchen equipment: What are the ROIs for new technology

Dave Pynt, Executive Chef, Burnt Ends, Singapore
Alex Liau, Director of Purchasing, The Westin Singapore and President, Hospitality Purchasing Association Singapore
Henning Wittchen, Regional Director, Procurement & HQ Projects, SPC Korea, Paris Baguette, Singapore
Martin Cahill, Executive Chef, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Boosting Kitchen Operations through automation  

Senior Representative from Rationale

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Enhancing the Productivity – A Practical Look at Central Kitchen Design and Operations 

  • What do we need to look at when looking at the productivity of the central kitchen?
  • How can we be cost effective and enhanced productivity?
  • Design considerations
  • Optimising the outcome through technology

Clara Pi, Board Director, Foodservices Consultants Society International Worldwide, Hong Kong  

Central / Cloud Kitchen Tech – Where is the Change Happening

  • Future of F&B in cloud kitchens and virtual kitchen space
  • Harnessing the role of delivery for Consumer of 2020

Maximilian Von Poelnitz, CEO and Founder, Spoonful, Hong Kong

Chairperson’s Summary and End of Main Conference

Food Safety

Safety in Supply Chains

The Food Supply Chain- Standards & Requirements

  • Rising food delivery trends and implications
  • Last mile delivery and impacts on food safety
  • Standard requirements to ensure the quality of food

Chong Nyet Chin, Director of Food Safety & Quality, NTUC FairPrice, Singapore

Culinary Directors’ Roundtable:

Driving a Food Safety Culture at the Top Level

  • Sustainability as an enabler
  • Education and training
  • Managing the critical touchpoints – supplier, supply chain, handling
  • Investing in the right Technology

Lucas Glandville, Culinary Director, Southeast Asia, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Singapore
Robert Stirrup, Director of Culinary, Fairmont Singapore & Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore
Henning Wittchen, Regional Director, Procurement & HQ Projects, SPC Korea, Paris Baguette, Singapore
More panellists to be confirmed

The Prevailing Challenges in Food Safety, Fraud & Authenticity in Food Supply Chain

Shahnaaz Russell Wong, Executive Chef, M Social, Singapore

Networking Lunch

Track & Trace for Food Supply Chain Integrity

For speaking opportunities, please contact

Food Handling and In Kitchen Safety

Caterer Case Study: 
Communicating to Enhance Food Safety Culture

  • Managing various stakeholders
  • Typical problem areas
  • Effective collaboration to meet safety standards

Louis Pang, QSR & CSD Production Manager, Maxim’s Group, Hong Kong

Managing cold chain contamination 

For speaking opportunities, please contact

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Case Study: Systems for Food Handling and Quality Control

Frank Luong, Culinary Director, Bayshore Pacific Hospitality, Hong Kong

Improving Food Safety Standards through Mindset and Commitment

  • Organising processes around food safety
  • Commitment to provision of resources
  • Discipline in operations
  • Continuous improvement

Chairperson’s Summary and End of Main Conference

2 March 2020
9 am – 4 pm

Changing Practices in Revenue and Yield Management in Hotels and F&B

Analytics, Intelligence and the new impact on revenue management

  • Use cases of big data in hospitality revenue control
  • How to implement analytics in your organisation
  • Outcomes to expect

Rooms Division Focus

  • Impact of new marketing platforms
  • Implications for pricing strategies
  • Tactics for Leisure vs business hotels
  • Preserving yield in a competitive market
  • Case studies

Food & Beverage Focus

  • Differences in casual and fine dining market
  • How revenue management practice are changing
  • Margins – what to expect and how to improve
  • Revenue management in the online F&B business
  • Case studies

Workshop Leader

Dr Detlev Remy
Associate Professor
Singapore Institute of Technology, SIT, Singapore

Dr. Detlev Remy works as Associate Professor for the Singapore Institute of Technology, SIT, Singapore. He is teaching Revenue Management, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing whilst researching on Pricing and Revenue Management related topics.

Dr. Detlev Remy holds a Masters in Marketing from University College Cork, Ireland, and a Doctorate (DBA) from the University of Surrey, UK.

His research interests are revenue management metrics and developments, its aligment with digital marketing, and data analytics. He has published in international journals such as the International Journal of Leisure and Tourism marketing, and attend regulary academic conferences to present papers.

Dr. Detlev Remy is also regulary invited to attend major Revenue and Pricing conferences, giving speeches on revenue management related topics, additionally he is giving guest lectures in marketing and other subject areas to different educational organisations, for example to Latvian Universities and German hotel schools, and businesses too.

Dr. Remy started his career in the hospitality & tourism industry in 1986, working in various positions up to general management position. These positions included inter alia managing director of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden with banqueting facilities up to 6.000 people and project manager of the consultany group Dr. Kaub Group, Munich.

Additionally he runs his own consultancy business, “Remy Consult”, advising international beverage, tourism and hospitality businesses, and providing executive education to a variety of stakeholders.

5 March 2020, 09:00 – 1200

Cloud Kitchens

  • Evaluating the business case
  • Investment and set up considerations
  • Operations, tech and safety
  • F&B production agreements with other entities

5 March 2020, 13:00 – 16:00

Halal Food Assurance

  • Regional regulation
  • Meeting inspection and audit requirements
  • Operational imperatives impacting logistics and handling
  • Managing fraud